The Thrill of Stranger Things


The stranger thing is an American web Tv series. It has different genres like Horror, Teen tv, Sci-fi, Thriller. The Duffer brothers are the creator of this horror series. It is the most horror and thriller web series I ever watched. They launched 3 seasons of this web series and 4th one is also being filmed. The creators of the series said that the 4th is not the last. So if you never watched it, now is the time. This web series is for people who like horror or thriller type of movie/series. It is the story of 1983.

It is the story about a place Hawkins which is located in Indiana, Where a small boy named ‘Will Byers’ disappears in another world. A girl who has a superpower in her eyes. I am not telling you how he disappears and where… Now the horror story begins.

Season – 1:

In the first season of the stranger things, 12 years old boy Will Byers is disappeared when he heads to his home. Will Byers has 3 true friends Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson. They think that they can find their friend. so they search for him but they found a girl named Eleven(11) in the forest. This Girl has some superpower. After some days police find out a dead body of a boy in the lake near their area. But Will’s friends, Eleven, his brother Johnathan and Nancy finds out that it is not a dead body of Will.

Season – 2 :

It’s been a year after Will’s comeback. They are trying to get everything normal. But the Eleven is missing. And the arrival of a homeboy girl named Maxine(Max) came to live with his brother. The new member of the boy’s group. Now Will is seeing some type of horror episode where he can see the UPSIDE DOWN world and some different kinds of creatures. It is the most thriller and Horror season than the previous one. The Sherriff Mr.Hopper finds Eleven and he brings her to his house because the bad people are finding her because of the superpower. Mr. Hopper is helping the boy and the girl. Hopper is digging the dug to find the truth about these episodes. Eleven is decided to finish the things that started with her but in the last Creatures hold the body of WIll as the Hostage.

Season – 3:

It is the season of Love, Romance, Thrills, Horror also. It is the season of teenage love. But the story beggings when Dustin catches a Russian radio signal. The Creatures of UPSIDE DOWN world is back and they are Upgraded. Now they can host anybody’s body they want. The main center of this strange things is happening is the new Mall which is opened in the Hawkins. Hopper’s crew is running out of time to searching to destroy the Evil, while Mike and his friends are ready to fight the evil they are facing.

You have to see the series if you want to find out the Truth about the Stranger Things.


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