The Secrecy of Nolan’s Movie ‘TENET’

Christopher Nolan is going to launch his new movie ‘TENET’. Nolan directed and written it. Mr.Nolan is famous for his mind-blowing movies. This Movie ‘Tenet’ is a Warner Bros. Movie. It is the biggest movie by Christopher Nolan. It is a movie where the protagonist is fighting for the survival of the world. This movie uncovers beyond real-time.

Tenet movie is action, sci-fi movies. It has guns, fights, car crashes. We heard that the main actors didn’t get the chance to read the full script of the movie because of the secrecy of the movie. So actors didn’t have the idea that ‘What is Tenet is all about’. Only John David Washington get the chance to read it but he read it in the locked room in Warner bros studio. Robert Pattinson was eligible to read his character’s dialogue.

Famous stars are working Tenet movies. Actors/Actresses like Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, John David Washington, and many more.

The final trailer has arrived where the watchers can see the new look of Robert Pattinson. From the trailer, we can see that it is all about Time. From the trailer, we can see that John David Washington is the Protagonist of the movie. Trailer is so straight that watcher knows that it is based on time. Time is the center of it. But as a watcher and a fan of Christopher Nolan’s movie you get some hype to watch the movie with full excitement. Trailer is saying that it is not Time travel it is an Inversion.

some of the Reviewers said that It is the mind-blowing movie they ever see. This movie is getting hyped by people. In this pandemic, people are going to watch it.

About Nolan:

He gave us Inception, Interstellar, Prestige, Memento. Tenet movie’s premiere is on the 3rd of September 2020. some people think that Christopher Nolan is making movies in think of Infinity stones. Infinity stones have different power like mind, time, soul, space, reality, and power. Nolan’s movies are like that. Inception is all about dreams(reality). The dark knight is about power. Interstellar is about space. Momento about the mind. From the trailer tenet means Time. Christopher Nolan said that Tenet is as big as possibly they can make. Tenet movie’s premiere was on 17th July but because of this Coronavirus, They shifted the date 2-3 times. The premiere’s date is 3rd September.


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