Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Release Dates and Expectation

During this tough period that is because of this global international pandemic, people have got attached to Netflix the way they get to attach with their favorite ones. Netflix is also trying to present a different type of show to the audience so that people do not get bored. One such show is Lucifer season 5. This show belongs to a part of the supernatural thing which includes a devil who is involved in solving mysterious cases on his own. It is coming to know that this devil lives in Los Angeles and works alongside the popular detective Chloe Decker.

This episode is under part 2 and part 1 has ended with a shocking and mysterious way that has put on a question in people’s minds that what will happen next. This show is known to watch by many people as it always puts on mysterious things in its episodes and that is the thing which attracts people more. This show will feature Tom Ellis(Devil), Lauren German(Detective Chloe Decker), D B Woodside, Leslie Ann Brandt, etc. and many Netflix stars.

As news gathered from Netflix there is no such announcement date of when to be released but they gave the assurance that it will be announced very soon as it is the most liked show and people are enjoying it very much. Netflix is also telling that season 6 can also come but they showed no initiative as such. According to Netflix this Lucifer Season 5 consists of a total of 16 episodes but due to this pandemic as they couldn’t shoot the remaining 8 episodes so they split the season into half where the remaining 8 episodes will contain somewhat a mixture in the story.

The cast of this story is deciding to poise the part 2 of this season where part 1 is just left. This show consists of a story where a God appears to break the chain of a brawl between three peoples and that almighty finally appears as Lucifer which has already been shown in part 1 and this time in part 2 the cast is not trying to bring any spoiler to the people but it has given some hints that Chloe comes to know that she was made by God for Lucifer while a girl named Ella has to reconcile that her boyfriend is a serial killer, these are some hints which are known to be leaked but the cast told that there can be a huge amount of suspense which will be creating among the people and this part of episodes will contain lots of mysterious things that is to be resolved in this part 2 season 5 of Lucifer.

Now the fans are assured that part 2 will be announced soon and waiting hour will soon get to an end and the audience can enjoy part 2 more than part 1 where the story is half told.


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