Lucifer Season 5, Everything We Have in Store About Part 2

Netflix is back with our favorite devil from Los Angeles, and we are all ready to go back to Lux and experience the rollercoaster ride called life along with Lucifer and everyone else.

A few days back, Netflix released season 5 of Lucifer, and the fans were stoked! In this new season, Lucifer goes back to Hell with a mission to keep the demons away. Chloe could be seen doing the same old job of fighting crime and working out on getting Lucifer back from hell.

So what’s the twist? Season 5 is split into two parts, and hence, we are all left wanting more. Part 2 has a lot of mysteries, and drama kept in store for us, and we can’t wait for it to premiere on Netflix.

Everything we know about season 5, part 2

Season 5, part 1: Spoilers Ahead!

The split of season 5 had nothing to do with the pandemic as it was a part of the plan. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the premiere of part 2 has been delayed. The shoot of season 5, part 2 is yet to get completed as the filming of the season finale had to be stopped because of the pandemic. The filming will restart after we get a hold on the COVID situation.

What can we expect from season 5, part 2?

In the last episode of part 1, Michael tried to kidnap Chloe to take revenge on Lucifer. At the same time, another serial killer had escaped, who was none other than Ella’s new boyfriend. We also saw Maze teaming up with Michael to wreak revenge on Lucifer for lying to her about her mom.

Maze also talked about Michael promising her a soul, which, according to Lucifer, wasn’t possible. Amenadiel got to know that his son is Mortal and joined hands with Lucifer to get back at his brother.

In the midst of this drama, God made an appearance and made an effort to stop his sons from killing one another.  

Our theory for part 2 is that in the upcoming episodes, God will try to end the feud between the brothers. What will happen next? Will Lucifer go back to Hell? What will finally happen between Chloe and Lucifer? Everything remains a mystery. We all need the answers, we are clueless, and we are all waiting for Netflix to release season 5, part 2. Let’s hang in there, and soon, we will find out.


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