Lucifer Season 5: Episodes Seem Rushed and Monotonous

Introducing Michael Morningstar

The new season of Lucifer arrived on 21st August 2020. Only eight episodes are offered this time. Season 5 kicked off by introducing die-hard fans to a new family member. The Devil’s twin brother cum archangel, Michael Morningstar, tries to ruin Lucifer’s reputation as seen in the trailer. However, his charade was blown sooner than one would expect, and Amenadiel discovers his true identity. Knowing that trouble awaits the angel and his son, Amenadiel takes a trip down to hell and asks Lucifer to return to Los Angeles.

By the time Lucifer comes back, the damage is already done. Chloe finally learns that God created her for Lucifer as she comes to terms with the recent events. The show explores Maze’s abandonment issues while Lilith is combined into the equation to drive Maze against Lucifer and siding with Michael. The war between the siblings reaches a new climax when the detective is kidnapped, and Lucifer turns detective. At the same time, the detective is tracked down and rescued, the season inches towards a cliffhanger that the fans were hoping would arrive earlier.

Interesting Canon

Michael’s intrusive presence causes a great deal of conflict. Though his plans for Lucifer are impeded, he soon comes up with another one, while unveiling a handful of shocking secrets about Lucifer’s life. The logic behind Michael’s scheming is a bit shaky, but it paves the way for some intense family drama that fuels the fire of Lucifer’s hell. Michael’s appearance on Earth also places the platform for God’s eventual return later in the season.

LuciferSeason 5 is packed with phenomenal character

development and deep backstories for us to binge-watch. The series proves to be

even chicer this season, managing to drop in a sensational noir episode without

detouring from the plot entirely and sabotaging the long-awaited season.

Major Setbacks

The new season might feature unique elements, regardless of fails to get rid of its monotonous routes to experiment with the Devil himself. It kicks off on a bumpy note with a couple of plot holes and boring case subjects simply acquiring additional time for the big finale.

Tom Ellis doesn’t give out the charm that he once held, and this impacted his on-screen chemistry with Lauren German. Then, Michael’s American accent might have been an attempt to distinguish either of them. Ellis’ switch from Lucifer to Michael wasn’t as clean as it was meant to be.


Given that the season is just a part of the episodes initially intended to be released, there is a possibility that the upcoming events might have much more to offer. However, it is disheartening for the loyal fanbase to see that one of the most anticipated series to be presented half-heartedly.


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