Latest News And Updates On BNA: Brand New Animal

It has been known through many decades that anime movies used to entertain people and now during this battle against COVID- 19 it has helped to take away the boring time of people from them and making their day full of freshness. Many anime are streaming on Netflix and one such anime is yet to release and this will also be streamed on Netflix. As news gathered from the cast it has been declared that there is no such announcement date and it is directed by one of the famous Japanese comic writer Yoh Yohshiinari and written by Kazuki Nakashima. They also told me that this can be the newest original anime series from their studio. This is the first season of this anime with a total of 12 episodes.

This is a fresh coming anime and the cast is hoping that it will be enjoyed by many people. No such anime has been made like this before as assured by the director. The director has not leaked the story as such but some information has been gathered that there is the main protagonist who is a high school student. The anime features some great characters who had played a nice role in this anime and made the anime more entertaining. Their names are Michiru Kagemori, Shirou Ogami, Nazuna Hiwatashi, Barbara Rose and many great characters are there. The director told me that he got inspired by an old Japanese comic book where there is the same story with a little bit different story.

The director also told to the media that he thought of making this anime many years back but he was in lack of confidence that whether it would be enjoyed by people as at that times anime was not so much popular but as anime’s started getting a lot of fame, the director gained some positivity that now he understands that it is the right time to make this anime as people will accept it in a better way. The thing that nowadays people are accepting anime is because of their creativity. People are now eagerly waiting for this anime and the director also told it will be available to the non-subscription takers to make it available to everyone and making anime shows much more popular.

According to some reports people are now commenting on social media that they hope it will be a much better anime from the others as it is a newcomer and with a fresh story. So the fans of anime’s are eagerly waiting now for this new coming anime and they are hoping that their waiting suspense will get to an end.


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