Jennifer Aniston Confesses “The Morning Show” was Cathartic to Her Private Life!

Jennifer Aniston the famous actress who was a part of a prominent show named as ‘The Friends’, had recently been the co-anchor of a news show. She got herself correlating to her alter ego’s experiences to such an extent that it was like going to a therapist and having a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

Confession of Jennifer regarding ‘The morning show’

In a recent interview which was held with Los Angeles Times, Jennifer genuinely confessed that the “The Morning Show” has indeed been the 20 years of her therapy combined and put into ten episodes. Her infamous divorce with Brad Pitt and the constant conciliation rumors and separation from Justin Theroux, Aniston has had the spotlight on her for more than two decades. These instances are the reasons for which Jennifer could relate to the feisty, vulnerable Alex Levy on The Morning Show, who herself has to battle her inner demons while presenting a sparkling image in front of the audience.

Therapeutic Experience

Jennifer claims the whole experience was relieving and shared her private experience, further saying that it was interesting to look at how she had always tried to normalize being fine. Co-starring with Reese Witherspoon in the Apple TV+ show, Jennifer Aniston revealed that the screen role made her face her problems. The character she played helped her look at it from an actor’s brain, observing it and acknowledging it. She said Levy’s fame is similar to hers when she has just wanted to hide away from the judging eyes.

Aniston’s Introspection In the Emmy nominated Apple TV+ series, the California resident plays longtime morning news anchor Alex Levy, who fights to keep her place at the top of the network; meanwhile, her personal life becomes public scrutiny. Aniston was able to bring her perspective to the challenges her character faces. The 51-year-old Hollywood actress admitted that there were moments when she felt that she didn’t want to walk out on the red carpet and be seen or judged. She couldn’t help but feel everyone’s going to be talking about her and judging her.


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